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L'explosion des mathématiques - Presentation

L'explosion des mathématiques

In July 2002 the SMF and the SMAI carried out a booklet entitled "L'explosion des mathématiques". This promoting initiative was born 2 years ago and found the financial backing of the Ministry of Research and of the Mathematicians French National Committee. Number of mathematicians collaborated on this booklet. Its purpose is to show the modernity of mathematics and to explain to the public the stakes in research.

We wish to spread this booklet as widely as possible. It's the reason why we encourage you to actually use it if you take part to the "Fête de la Science" or if you organise a mathematical event.By asking the SMF (smf@dma.ens.fr) or SMAI (smai@emath.fr) secretary you can have it for free.

The booklet is also available on the Pdf format (4 Mo).

Articles can be downloaded one by one from the contents page.

This booklet was officially displayed on the annual science celebration "Fête de la Science" and was presented by Marie-Odile Monchicourt on France Info Radio on Monday 16th 2002. Here's the text of this presentation, published with the author's agreement.