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Annales scientifiques de l'ENS

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Astérisque journal was created in 1973 for the SMF’s first centenary. Astérisque is a top-level international journal. It publishes various monographs, renowned seminars or reports of the main international colloquiums (available in French and English). The articles are chosen for their ability to show a research branch under a new perspective. Each volume deals with only one subject. The whole annual collection covers all the different fields of mathematics. Around 2500 pages are published in a year. One of them is completely dedicated to Bourbaki Seminar notes, yearly volume published under the scientific responsability of Nicolas Bourbaki.
The editorial staff committee insists that published works should meet the highest standards as to both contents and presentation. Every manuscript is closely examined by a reporter: results, either summarised or not proved, will not be accepted. The articles are required to either contain some unusual results or to give a new viewpoint on a specific subject.